Learn a tech skill that earns

Do you want a career switch, a freelance job role,  online remote jobs, a side hustle, or improved chances to land your dream job?  Then Enroll at our ICT academy. 

Learn a tech skill that earns

Do you want a career switch, a freelance job role,  online remote jobs, a side hustle?  Then Enroll at our ICT academy. 

Our Learning Process

We are among the top tech schools in Ibadan, Nigeria. Physical or online training available 


Select a course from the list and register by making necessary payments

Join Classes

Join the physical or online classes every week and take advantage of our small class size

Case Studies

Hands on training using relevant examples. Get familiar with the various applications

Capstone Projects

Complete a project of your choice to demonstrate mastery of the tools

Tech Skills to Learn

You already know that technology is the new gold! Parach ICT Academy is among the top tech schools in Ibadan, ready to equip you with relevant tech skills. Do you need computer training in Ibadan? Our tech courses include web design, graphics design, Digital Marketing, Microsoft Office, Data analysis, Python programming, Data Science, Cyber security training, Software testing, DevOps training & more.

Popular Tech Courses

Your tech and coding journey starts here. Everyone is welcome, even the kids are not left out. 

Front End Web Dev

Duration/ 6 weeks

UiUx Design

Duration/ 4 weeks

Fullstack Data Analytics

Duration/ 5 months

Digital Marketing

Duration/ 4 weeks

Python Programming

Duration/ 6 weeks

Full Stack Web Dev

Duration/ 12 weeks

Ms Office

Duration/ 4 weeks

Graphics Design

Duration/ 4 weeks

Student Feedbacks

Our Alumni highly recommend our Computer Training Program in Ibadan. Enroll for a course today.

My time at Parach ICT Academy has been awesome, I would call it a life changing experience. I came to parach to learn both Microsoft Office and Graphics design. Now I am a graphics designer and an expert in MS office.
Web design training

Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch with us for any enquiries you might have

most in-demand tech skills?

skills such as Cybersecurity courses, Software testing, Data analytics, Power BI, MySQL, Microsoft excel, programming, data visualization, data science, product design, software design, DevOps, cloud computing, Digital marketing, mobile app development  and more

Tech skills to learn in 2024 & beyond

Skills can range from programming, to graphics design, data analysis, machine learning, digital marketing etc

how long will it take to learn a tech skill?

You should invest anywhere between 1 – 12 months to gain mastery of these skills. At Parach ICT academy we have different courses that span from 2 weeks to about 4 months 

where to learn tech skills online?

We are among the top tech schools in Ibadan. We  offer customized and affordable online and physical training for all our courses. Get in touch with us today.

what job can I get with tech skills

The prospects are high. As you can work in IT, Hospitality, Finance, Retail, Sales & Marketing, telecommunications and more 

how do i contact Parach ICT Academy?

you can reach us via WhatsApp on +2347055247562, via email parachcomputers@gmail.com

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