How to add your website on Google for free using Search Console

How to add your website on Google for free using Search Console


Google Search Console is a useful platform to help submit a site for indexing on Google and to monitor a website’s organic traffic. Key information like the visits to specific web pages, clicks, impressions, mobile usability, internal and external links on the website and more can be monitored. It also helps to provide useful insights on any indexing issues on the website and specific pages that could be affected. Below, a step by step way to add your website to google is presented.

Step 1: Create your Google Search Console account

Visit Google Search Console (GSC) and sign in with your Google account, remember it’s free if you have a google account .

Next Click on “Add a property” and enter your website’s URL, for example www.parachictacademy.com.ng. It’s important to Choose the appropriate property type (website or domain). To use the domain option simply use parachictacademy.com.ng without the www. prefix.

Step 2: Verify your website

GSC will ask you to verify your website ownership. You can Choose any of the following verification methods:

  • HTML tag: Add a meta tag to your website’s header (copy the meta tag and paste it under the appearance -> theme file editor -> header)
  • HTML file: Upload an HTML file to your website (to your public HTML folder in CPanel )
  • DNS record: Add a TXT record to your domain’s DNS settings (in your web hosting client area)
  • Use the Site Kit by Google plugin if you use a wordpress website. The setup is quite straightforward.

Step 3: Submit your website to Google

To add your website to google for free after verification you have to click on “Sitemaps” in the GSC menu. Click on “Add a sitemap” and enter your website’s sitemap URL. For example for this URL, https://parachictacademy.com.ng/data-analysis-training-in-ibadan/, we would only need to submit data-analysis-training-in-ibadan/. The status would read “1 error”, never mind. Simply continue the process. The website would be crawled and read and the specific crawl dates indicated. If you use wordpress, ensure to Check if search engine visibility is unchecked from settings -> reading.

Step 4: Request indexing

Now Click on “URL inspection” in the GSC menu, then enter a valid website URL and click “Inspect” or just hit the enter key. If the URL is not on Google, You can click on “test live URL”. Click on “Request indexing” to ask Google to crawl and index your website.

Step 5: Monitor your website’s performance

Use GSC to monitor your website’s performance in Google search results. Track your website’s traffic, impressions, and average position. You can view queries, pages visited, countries, devices, search appearance and dates visited


You can successfully add your website for free on Google using search console and gain more website visibility and increase organic traffic.

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