Digital Marketing Courses and Certification in Nigeria 2024 [Updated]

In this write up, we are going to be showing you some Digital Marketing Courses and Certification to look out for in 2024 and beyond.  I’m sure some of you didn’t know they were available online and I hope that you make the most of this information. These courses are always updated, ensure you check the websites regularly.

1 - Google digital skills for Africa programme

Now, the first on our list here is the Google digital skills for Africa programme. This is a free digital marketing course from Google specially designed for Africans. Anyone can be part of this training, all you need to do is make sure you have a Gmail account. You go to the Google Digital Skills for Africa website and join the course.  You get a free certificate at the end of the course and that’s actually a good way to show your competence in digital marketing. This is the basic course, but it is actually worth your time.

2 - The Google Ads Certification programme

This is another cool Google digital marketing certification course. To  join this google digital marketing course all you need to do is sign up. We have different sections of this course and certifications such as Google ads display certification, Google ads search certification, Google ads measurement certification, Google ads video certification, shopping ads certification, and Google ads app certification. So these courses are all bundled together and then, you actually watch, go through the courses, go through the video tutorials and it would be a great way to show your competency.

3 - Google Analytics Certification programme.

Sign up and go through all of this course in Google analytics. You learn how to set up analytics and use other complex analytics tools, you take a short exam, and then that would qualify you. There is usually a minimum score you need to get certified.

4 - YouTube Certification Programme

This is another great digital marketing course from Google. But as of October 2019, this course eligibility has changed, not just anybody can take this course, the course has been reserved only for creators and partners. So go through the requirements for the YouTube course and then it would actually be great to see if you are eligible for it. It has got several aspects, like the Content ownership course, assess monetization, music write management, music course. This is a very fantastic way to add that skill to your portfolio.

5 - Microsoft Advertising Certification course

This is a good opportunity for those who run Microsoft ads. You can actually go to their website and of course, all of those links would be dropped in the video description, so you get a lot of advantages, you take an exam at the end of the training, and it would be great to actually have this digital marketing certification added to your portfolio.

6 - Digital Marketing Training Institute

They have got several courses from SEO to PPC, to Google Ads, to Facebook and more. Go through their website and see what program would be best for you. Most of these courses are not free and they are not cheap either. Well get on board, and then get some globally accepted certifications and skills.

7 – Parach Digital Marketing Training Hub, Ibadan, Nigeria

Here you learn about Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Google Ads, YouTube Advertising, Display Advertising and more. Now all of these is just for a very small fee. You can actually take this digital marketing courses in person or online. Do well to sign up for this digital marketing course and certification. Its not too late as you can take our specialized online digital marketing classes from any where in the world such as Google Search Engine Marketing, Google display advertising, Facebook Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing and more.  So I hope that you make the most of this information. Its not too late to Make 2022 count!

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