Join the best digital marketing training program in Ibadan, Nigeria. In this digital marketing course you will learn the perfect online marketing techniques using Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads manager, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads & LinkedIn), SEO, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube Advertising & More.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

  • What is social media marketing?
  • How it is important in business?
  • Different between SMM & SMO
  • How can social media can be integrated into a website

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook Account setup
  • FB marketing options
  • Facebook page setup and types of pages
  • Dimensions of various FB Elements
  • Facebook content strategy
  • Facebook insight
  • Facebook Groups

Facebook  Advertising

  • AD Manager
  • Types of Facebook campaigns
  • Types of bidding
  • Practical Examples

Twitter marketing

  • Benefits of Twitter
  • Profile Creation and management
  • types of tweets
  • Twitter analytics
  • Twitter promotions

Instagram Marketing

  • Profile creation and management
  • Growing your followership on instagram
  • Advertising on instagram 

LinkedIn Marketing

  • Why LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn strategy
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile
  • Creating Company page
  • Improving connections
  • Other Social Networks
    Pinterest {info Graphics Marketing}
    Document Sharing Networks
Charles Parach ICT Academy

Parach Digital Marketing Hub offers the best Digital marketing courses in Ibadan. The courses are affordable and the schedule is convenient. Courses Include: Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Email Marketing Adwords & more.

Feyi Parach ICT Academy

What a great place to learn digital marketing

Training Schedule and Course Fees


Experienced Trainers

Get trained by experienced Digital Marketing experts who understand the nitty gritty and have used these packages over the years.


100% Practical Course

Our Digital Marketing training is fully practical as you do hands on exercises on various aspects of the course to be covered.


Rigorous & Intensive

For all prospective students no previous experience in digital marketing is required. You will get the requisite skills you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to learn Digital marketing

skills such as Microsoft excel, programming, data visualization, data science, product design, software design, DevOps, cloud computing and more

Where can I learn digital marketing skills in Ibadan

Skills can range from programming, to graphics design, data analysis, machine learning, digital marketing etc

Is digital marketing profitable in ibadan

Yes,provided one can dedicate time and money for training

where to learn tech skills online?

Parach ICT academy offers customized and affordable online training for all our courses. Get in touch with us today.

what job can I get with tech skills

The prospects are high. As you can work in IT, Hospitality, Finance, Retail, Sales & Marketing, telecommunications and more 

how do i contact Parach?

you can reach us via WhatsApp on +2347055247562, via email

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