Facebook Ads in 2024 – which ad objective is right for my Business?

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There is the possibility that many times, while setting up your Facebook Ad campaigns, you might have been confused as to which Facebook Ad objective is the best for your business. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Many even resolve to boosting Facebook posts, which isn’t bad but might not give the expected outcome you desire. Understanding what each Facebook ad objective means can go a long way in boosting whatever goals you have for your campaigns. I mean, wouldn’t you prefer a better way if I told you there was one?

Facebook currently ranks as the most used Ads channel with over 2.41 billion active users on the platform as at 2021.  There are so many businesses using Facebook for Ad placement, scheduling and targeting and this makes it even more important for business owners or Sales/Marketing team of businesses to know the best ways and right objectives that can make the Ad-investment count.

Facebook’s algorithm has been optimized for data collection from the people who use it, this Facebook audience targeting feature helps Facebook in deciding the best set of people to show your ads to. This Facebook ads strategy can also help your business by placing what you sell right at the table of those who want it. All you have to do is choose the right objective. And select the category that works best with where people are in your sales funnel. Before choosing a Facebook ad objective, it is important to ask the question, “What is the expected outcome from this ad?”, “What is the ‘why’ for this ad?”, “Is there something else I can do to achieve this outcome apart from advert that I haven’t done?”

Below are some of the Facebook Ad objectives and the best suited for your business goals that has the potential to increase your sales significantly.


According to Facebook, Facebook targeting options that generate interest in your product/service are of three types.

Local Awareness: When your objective is to make Facebook ads reach a target audience, such as people close to your business location then it’s best to use Local Awareness. Local awareness can be used for restaurants, shops or schools peculiar to a peculiar permanent address. Local Awareness largely reduces ad targeting options to an audience that is within your business locality, your age preference as well as your gender preference. To set up a local awareness campaign, you would need to run a Facebook ad campaign directly linked to your website or social media pages. Local awareness has proven less effective as a simple click on your business website or a like or comment on your page can get the same work done. However, it can be the right ad objective for you if your customers or potential customers can only patronize you via a permanent physical address (How to put your business location on Google Maps and Google My Business).

Reach: You should use this feature when your Facebook Ad objective is to show your ad to the maximum number of people in your audience. This has been made effective and efficient through a Fb ads manager feature called Frequency capping which makes it possible to send your ad to the same person but with a timer you can set as the minimum period of days it would take before the person sees your ad again. This is the right Facebook ad objective if your target audience isn’t large but you want all members of your audience to see the ads within a personalized period.

Brand Awareness: This Facebook ads strategy is best used when your ad objective is to reach people who are more likely to pay attention to your adverts and increase awareness of your brand. This is used by businesses, mostly large ones, who are interested in making brand awareness campaigns through Facebook ad that have no call to action. It is the right ad objective when your intention/goal is to run awareness-only campaigns.


There are six types of considerations in the updated Facebook Ads namely:

App Installs: App Installs drive more installs of your application by linking directly to your App Store and Google Play Store. This ad objective also has the option for you to choose to target high-value users. If you have a business Application, then this is the right Ad for you.

Traffic: Once you have a destination in mind that you want people to go to, use traffic to send them to that destination with the appropriate URL. By adding a link to your Facebook ad, you can simply direct people to a different destination, These destinations could be the website’s landing page, a blog post, an application or a pop-up etc. This objective is right if you want to generate traffic or promote a particular content.

Engagement: You can have an ad that reaches the target audience more likely to engage with your post. If you are in need of likes, shares, comments, more like Facebook page likes campaign etc. Engagement is your go-to objective. Facebook ads manager features recently added also makes it possible to include offers claimed from your page.

Video views: As the name implies, you can run Facebook instream video ads as it helps to expose your business in a better way. Facebook will show your videos to a target audience most likely to watch it. Videos can be a right ad objective for businesses who need to showcase their product in a quality, visual way. If you would use videos, it is preferable to use high quality videos for your ads.

Lead Generation: This is necessary to collect and generate leads. The Facebook lead gen form takes information from people interested in your product or service and creates ads based on the information collected. This information from the Facebook Lead Gen form is gathered via sign-ups for newsletters, price estimates as well as follow-up calls or mails. Information collected could include but is not limited to Name, E-mail, Phone Number, product or service of choice etc. There is a set-back to lead generation and this arises from the issue that many people do not keep their e-mail addresses or location updated after their first Facebook signup. Facebook Lead Generation Ads would however function well for signups that are interactive such as phone calls, consultancy sessions, etc.

Messages: This is simply connecting with people on Messenger, Instagram Direct & Whatsapp. It involves communicating directly with potential or existing customers to encourage interest in your business.


Web Conversions: These are ad campaigns used to promote conversions on your website, they are used when you wish to direct people to your website through the Fb ads to take a specific action such as signing up for a webinar, downloading a guide or purchasing a product. It encourages people interested in your services or product to buy your product or use your service.

Catalog Sales: This Facebook advertising strategy is most useful and relevant with e-commerce stores. It shows products from your store’s catalog to customers or potential buyers who are most likely to show interest in them.

Store Traffic: This is to promote all your business locations to people who are nearby. With store traffic, only your closest business location will be available to the potential customer. This helps in bringing proximity and ease of purchase to the customer.


Choosing the right Facebook ad objective is very strategic and instrumental in the success of your campaign as their major role is to let Facebook know what your intentions/goals are for running the Ad on their platform(s). If you have any questions, feel free to ask or drop a comment below.

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