How to Create a Table of Content using Microsoft Word

Creating a Table of Content can sometimes prove to be a very tough task. Remember those days we would manually scan through all pages of a document and then try to capture titles and page numbers and then go on to create a separate page with all these titles . This can be a nightmare! This does not have to be so. To automatically create a Table of Content in Microsoft word, the following steps are very essential:

  • Obtain the Document and make sure it has page numbers in place
  • Use the default heading styles or create different styles for different heading levels i.e 1.0, 1.1.1, etc.
  • Apply the heading styles appropriately
  • Insert the table of content in the blank page you have reserved using the default heading styles in word or the custom styles you created
  • You can update your table of contents once you make any changes to your content.


Congratulations you are all done! Watch the videos and try out this exercise. Leave a comment and fill the feedback form to get further information on our Microsoft Word training, Microsoft Excel training and more.

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