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Learn MySQL for data analytics. Get familiar with MySQL workbench,  relational database, SQL queries and more.

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Get valuable data and business analytics skills from anywhere without breaking the bank. Physical or online classes available.


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Build real projects during the sessions and get familiar with the tools

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Complete a project of your choice to demonstrate mastery of the tools

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what is MySQL?

MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language. It is widely used to manage databases and servers. As a data analyst in a large corporation, chances are that you would work on one or more MySQL databases

MySQl Training Outline

Introduction to SQL
Basic SQL terminologies and definition of terms
Setting up MySQL
Creating and populating a MySQL DB using DDL, DML
SQL best practice (Understanding ER diagrams and Schemas).
Loading the database with external datasets
Some Basic Queries

SQL Select Statement
SQL Where Statement
SQL Limit Statement
SQL Comparison Operators
SQL Logical Operators
SQL Like/in/Between
SQL Order by

SQL Min/Max
SQL Group by
SQL Having
SQL Distinct
SQL Joins
SQL Union

SQL Subqueries
SQL Select Subquery
SQL Where Subquery
SQL From Subquery
SQL Views
SQL with other Data analytics tools
Putting it all together

Physical Training

Learn in 4 weeks


Introduction, Queries, Select, Union, Joins and more

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is MySQL easy to learn?

MySQl is easy to learn once you have a good tutor.

can I get a job if I learn SQL??

You can get a data entry role in IT, Hospitality, Healthcare and more

how long will it take to learn MySQL?

16 hours of learning at our academy

can a non IT person learn SQL?

A non IT person can learn MySQL easily as the statements can be easily understood

how many hours per class?

4 Sessions (3-4 Hours each)

how do i contact Parach?

you can reach us via WhatsApp on +2347055247562, via email parachcomputers@gmail.com

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