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what is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool for business intelligence. Power BI  can be used to aggregate data from various sources to create useful interactive reports and dashboards. It is a tools that can be learnt easily with no prior knowledge. 

Online Power BI Training

Introduction to Power BI (Desktop & Online)
Understanding BI tools. Power Bi vs Tableau vs Quicksight
Setting up PowerBI Desktop.
Connecting to data sources (Excel workbook, manual datasets, Azure, SQL )
Understanding the visualization panes and layouts
Understanding Power Query and Power Pivots
Understanding data transformation

Intro to Charting and Visualisations
The visualization pane
Chart types and Rules
Matrixes, Tables and Charts
Card, Guages and KPIs
Slicers and filters
PowerBI report with little or no DAX

Purpose of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Scope of Usage with DAX. Usabilty Options
DAX Context: Row Context and Filter Context
DAX Entities: Calculated Columns and Measures
DAX Data Types: Numeric, Boolean, Variant, Currency
Datetime Data Tye with DAX. Comparison with Excel
DAX Operators & Symbols. Usage. Operator Priority
Parenthesis, Comparison, Arithmetic, Text, Logic
DAX Functions and Types: Table Valued Functions
Filter, Aggregation and Time Intelligence Functions
Information Functions, Logical, Parent-Child Functions
Statistical and Text Functions. Formulas and Queries
YTD, QTD, MTD Calculations with DAX
DAX Calculations and Measures
Computations using STDEV & VAR
ISTEXT, DATEFORMAT, TIMEFORMAT Time Intelligence Functions with DAX
KPIs with DAX. Vertipaq Queries in DAX
IF..ELSEIF.. Conditions with DAX
Slicing and Dicing Options with Columns, Measures

In-Depth Power Query
Power Query for Web Scraping (Static and continuous pagination)
Applied Steps and Usage Options. Revert Options
Combine Queries – Merge Join and Anti-Join Options
Combine Queries – Union and Union All as New Dataset
Power Pivot
Other PowerQUery concepts
A real word End to End Power BI Data Analytics project.

Online Training

Learn in 4 sessions (2-3 hours each)


Introduction to Power BI, Dashboards, Visualizations, DAX and more

Frequently Asked Questions

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what is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool for business intelligence and analytics. Its a very important software data analysts use for their projects and reports

how much does Microsoft Power BI training cost??
  • Physical Training – 50,000 Naira (4 Sessions, 3-4 hours each)
  • Online Training – 25,000 Naira (4 sessions)
how long will it take to learn Power BI?

Our training runs for 4 sessions or (16  contact hours)

Online training varies from 2 – 4 contacts

is Microsoft Power Bi software free?

Microsoft Power BI Desktop comes a s a free software. This can be easily installed on a local computer. Paid options include the Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium, Power BI Premium Per User (PPU)

what job can I get with Power BI?

The prospects are high. As you can work as an entry data analyst, Business intelligence analyst, Developer in IT, Hospitality, Finance, Retail, Sales & Marketing, telecommunications and more 

how do i contact Parach?

you can reach us via WhatsApp on +2347055247562, via email parachcomputers@gmail.com

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