Join our Revit Architecture training in Ibadan and learn to design like a pro.

Revit Architecture Learning Outline

  • Introducing Revit building information modelling (BIM)
  • Working in one model with many views
  • Understanding Revit element hierarchy
  • Using the Recent files screen and the Application menu
  • Understanding content ribbons
  • Using the Project Browser and navigating views
  • Using the Properties palette
  • Selection and modification basics
  • Accessing Revit options
  • Creating a new project
  • Understanding project settings
  • Opening and saving projects
  • Adding levels
  • Adding grids
  • Adding columns
  • Adding walls
  • Using snaps
  • Understanding wall properties and wall types
  • Locating walls
  • Using the modify tools
  • Adding doors and windows
  • Using constraints
  • Adding plumbing fixtures and other components
  • Using auto desk seek
  • Working with DWG files
  • Creating topography from a DWG link
  • Understanding CAD inserts
  • Using import tips
  • Creating a group
  • Working with Revit links
  • Managing links
  • Understanding file formats
  • Working with floors
  • Working with footprint roofs
  • Working with extrusion roofs
  • Roof modifications and examples
  • Working with slope arrows
  • Adding openings
  • Working with stairs
  • Working with railings
  • Working with ceilings
  • Creating a custom basic wall type
  • Understanding stacked wall
  • Adding wall curtain walls
  • Adding curtain grids, mullions, and panels
  • Creating wall sweeps
  • Using object styles
  • Working with visibility graphic overrides
  • Using Hides – Isolate
  • Understanding view range
  • Using the Linework tool
  • Using cutaway views
  • Adding rooms
  • Controlling room numbering
  • Understanding room bounding elements
  • Understanding tags
  • Adding schedules
  • Modifying schedules
  • Creating a key schedule
  • Adding text
  • Adding dimensions
  • Adding symbols
  • Adding legend views
  • Creating a detail callout
  • Using detail components
  • Adding filled and masking regions
  • Understanding families
  • Using reference planes, parameters, and constraints
  • Adding solid geometry
  • Adding void geometry
  • Completing the family
  • Adding sheets
  • Working with placeholder sheets
  • Outputting sheets to a DWF file
  • Exporting to AutoCAD
  • Plotting and creating a PDF
  • Creating forms
  • Modifying forms
  • Differences between Basic Model and Reference Forms

Our Alumni highly recommend our Revit Architecture training

Olayemi Parach ICT Academy Alumni

"For a good and professional information technology training Parach computers is the best place"

Tope Parach ICT Academy Alumni

"For a good and professional information technology training Parach computers is the best place"

Wale Parach ICT Academy Alumni

"For a good and professional information technology training Parach computers is the best place"

    Training Schedule and Course Fees

    Learning Schedule for our Revit Architecture training

    Our Revit Architecture training is awesome ...


    Experienced Trainers

    Get trained by Revit Design experts who understand the nitty gritty of these packages.


    100% Practical Course

    Our Revit Architecture training in ibadan is fully practical as you design and work on several hands on exercises.


    Rigorous & Intensive

    For all prospective students no previous experience in revit design is required. Lots of practical design assignments.

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